Sales and marketing

  • A passion for service

    Turn your passion for sales and marketing into a career contributing to a sustainable future. At Danfoss, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with our customers and to turn their needs into innovative solutions. Earn customer loyalty and make an impact, on both a local and possibly global level.
    Your ability to build relationships with high customer engagement, your technical skills, communication skills and service support make a difference to engineering tomorrow, today.

    Make an impact today
    • With your passion for gaining customer loyalty, you’ll establish solid relationships that set standards for going beyond the ordinary to serve our customers.
    • As a member of the Danfoss team, you’ll be committed to our culture of high performance – enabling you to achieve your sales and marketing goals to deliver the future, today.
    • Thinking Danfoss you go beyond your own team and seek the advantages of working across. This means you can always count on the support of your colleagues. Together, you’ll push the boundaries in sales and marketing to make a true contribution and a sustainable difference to people’s lives around the world.


  • Ana Maria, Global Sales Program & Processes

    Ana Maria is an enabler of improvement in the global sales and marketing organization – fostering cooperation among experts across all career areas.

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